I'm so excited

12.30pm I'm so excited I've just got to blog and get it off my chest cos there is no-one else, at the moment, to tell it too!!

Went to school this morning and performed my 'chaplaincy' bit and whilst wandering around some of the classrooms talking to the teachers I was taken aback (shouldn't be really) when one particular teacher informed that she had started attending the ALPHA course at her local church and is thoroughly enjoying it - WOW - now isn't that something worth blogging about? She was so enthralled in telling me that the kids were running riot in the classroom :) but not for long I hasten add lol

And the coffee mornings will be starting soon too at the end of this month and I shall be playing my part there - WOW again - an opportunity to work alongside the Parent Support Officer at the school but a fabulous opportunity too to talk to parents in an neutural environment.

Chaplaincy can be a lonely ministry at times and there are often occasions when I wonder if I am achieving anything at all.  Moments of doubt easily slip in and I question the reasons 'why' I go to the school, 'why' do I sit in the staff room, 'why' do I wander around the classrooms - is anybody really bothered whether I am there or not - then I get feed back via facebook and this mornings chat just makes all the other non-eventual Thursdays worthwhile.

I'm so excited...I can't hide it...

3.15pm  Back from the Networking meeting, which is for service providers on Thames View; we update each other as to what we are involved in etc it's an information sharing time.  BUT my highlight is that I've got a date with Rob the new Street Warden and I will be joining him on his patrol on Friday 14th.

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