A new owner in the making!!

For Christmas I asked 'Santa' or 'Nigel' for a goldfish tank and fish.  It's not a sudden whim but I have been thinking about it for a few months  but whilst I was still in the thinking stage John and Marta bought theirs!! and that has spurred me on. So last evening, after finishing the weekly shop, Nigel and I popped into 'Pets at Home' and purchased my new tank which I set up all by myself because Nigel was too busy playing on his computer!!  Next Monday I have to take a water sample, from the tank I hesitant to add, to the shop which the very nice man will test to make sure that it is 'ok' before I purchase any fish!!

Considering that I am only buying goldfish I cannot highly commend the shop assistant who took great care in explaining to me what to buy, how to look after etc etc etc and even came running after me with a leaflet to help me set up my new tank.  God bless you Sir.

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I was the proud owner of a fish tank and I must say after killing the fish the first two times, the third time was a charm. You will really enjoy your tank. I use to sit for hours just watching them swim. They bring peace, calm and serenity. You will be glad you purchased the tank and the fish. But, if the first ones do not make it, don't give up! Keep trying because it is definetely worth it. Blessings!


As an oft time preacher at fish funerals, I hope you have your sermon ready.

Don't believe all that cr@p about testing water etc etc etc - fish 'll die within a month, and so will replacement.

Believe me, I've been there! We just keep the tank (ours is the same, but orange) full of water and no fish. Less distressing for the children and a great talking point for visitors!

Bah, Humbug :-)