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William Booth Training College

I'm currently at the Training College for Module 3 of my degree course.  Nigel and I arrived Sunday evening and, so far, the week is proving to be enlightening and thought provoking.  We have, so far, been looking and discussing postive psychology & Feminst psychology and, last night, watched an int…

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This afternoon, this evening and even now!! I am working on my assignment for my degree.  The task is a 1000 word proposal/project plan and the question is:

Give a detailed outline of proposed plan to introduce a significant new activity into your church programme....and then it goes on to highli…

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Day 23 - College

Nigel & I spent the day at The William Booth College, Denmark Hill for a Recall Day in relation to our degree course. Alongside our fellow students we spent the time recapping on Research Methods and, in groups, looking at ways to tackle our next assisgnment under the heading of Pastoral Psychology …

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Day 22 - Assignment

I disappeared down to The Salvation Army Hall in Barking today to complete my assignment, which is due in tomorrow morning!!  I actually worked in the primary room/songster room and 'yes' the televison was off the whole time!!  I enjoyed the peace and quiet,the room is on the 3rd floor, and 'yep' …

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