bonding time!!!!!

As I have mentioned in previous blogs I am not 'girly' so don't ever ask me to accompany you to a make up, jewellery or fashion party or event!!  My mother always says she felt as though she had three boys in the house and in return I've always said that I thank the Lord that he gave me a son cos I wouldn't know what to do with a girl!! lol

Having said all of that - it was quite funny last night because Karl came with me to the hairdressers. Karl wanted his hair trimmed and thinned (he's got such thick hair especially when he lets it grow) so I managed to book him appointment with my hairdresser before she cut mine.  We were the only two in the shop and whilst he was having a dry cut I was having mine washed and then I was placed in the chair next to him. The following conversation took place..

Karl  "Hello mother"

Me   "Hello son"

Karl to Lauren (hairdresser)  "This is my bonding time with my mother before I go out hiking with my father next week - don't want her to feel left out"

Honestly - bonding time!!! I ask you.......

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