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To the garden and beyond

I have great admiration for people who plant acorns knowing that they will never see the Oak Tree in its full glory, but have the vision to picture people many hundreds of years later sitting under its spreading branches.  I suppose in many ways gardening at this time of year is also a bit like that…

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My mum and dad bought Nigel and I, for our silver wedding anniversary in August 2006, a Hibiscus plant.  Last year it bore one flower but, thankfully, this year it seems to have settled in and is blossoming mag…

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Wet and miserable

Would you believe! here we are in August and it's cold, wet and miserable.  As I look out on to my garden even the flowers, shrubs and apple tree look as though they are feeling sorry for themselves.  Nigel has just commented "Do you think we might have to put the heating on later?"

It's raining, …

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