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I've returned back to blogger and will continue my blogs on that site - will keep this site open until the new year.

Thank you


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Oh where, oh where, oh where

Feeling rather peeved off - now my voice has disappeared and there is so much to do and people to visit.....bother, bother, bother grrrr

Went to Home League this afternoon and, although I prepared the programme - Joyce very kindly read the readings and lead the afternoon.  Thank you Joyce.

So back …

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hitting the sack

I've not been feeling a 100% over the last few weeks with a cold, cough and just general  tiredness but like everyone else (so many people down with the same symptoms) I've just kept going and have covered all the engagements that have been in my diary. Yesterday, thought, left me feeling the weake…

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Remembrance Day

My great-grandfather served during the 1st World - this is a copy of picture that he drew.  I am not sure whether he copied it from somewhere or was a scene that he witnessed.  I do know that he received a gun shot wound to the head and although he survived - spent many years in and out of psychiatr…

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£1 pocket money

When Nigel & I manage to visit Barking Town centre together!!  we give each other a £1 pocket money to spend - so generous :) but actually it's good fun hunting for something.. This is my purchase, a christmas tree with a USB connection for the computer.  It gradually changes colour - blue, green, r…

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Times flies

Whoever thought of the phrase 'Time Flies' will know actually how I feel.  I still can't believe that tomorrow will be the 1st November! where did October disappear too?  Normally by now I've ordered and received my Christmas cards, made a few arrangment with family for Christmas get-togethers and …

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to be a grown up!!

My little boy, well he's still my little boy to me :) has decided it time to be a grown up and wear shoes when going out for the evening LOL instead of trainers !!!

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It's a privilege

One of the privileges of being a Salvation Army Officer is the honour of sharing in families ‘tender’ moments – whether that be a birth, wedding or funeral.


Today, Nigel & I travelled to Frinton to lead a service of Thanksgiving for the life of Tony Rowe – father of a good friend of ours.

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Annual visit

My mum and dad paid their annual visit to the grave of my grandparents (my dad's mum and dad).  This time, however, my two brothers accompanied them and I requested a 'family photo' and that is exactly what I got!!

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Day 31 - Appraisal

Today I ventured up to my Divisional Headquarters, situated at Hatfield Peverel, for my appraisal.  Although I find it challenging and theruaptic to go through the appraisal form and evaluate myself privately - I must admit, as lovely as my appraiser was today :), I do not enjoy the actual appraisal…

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