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It's good to talk

At Home League (Ladies Meeting) which I led at Barking Salvation Army - I called the afternoon 'The Sound of Music' and we, as a group, discussed our favourite songs/hymns/pieces of music/composers and the reasons, memories of people, places linked with each choice.

One of the ladies who is well i…

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Christ's is the world

I went early this morning to Barking Town centre to purchase some clothes for my holiday.   Now if you know anything about me you will know that  1. I absolutely LOATHE shopping of any kind, especially clothes shopping which certainly reflects on the way I dress!!!  and 2. other than my wedding ring…

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A Song from Karen

I posted a few photos on Facebook of my local park, Mayesbrook, and my friend, Karen, put a hymn next to it which had been sung at her wedding 21 years ago.  I had never heard the hymn before and found the words beautiful so will share them with you too. Karen says the hymn is by John Glynn, a Cath…

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Jesus, thou art everything to me

Songs/hymns suffer the same trends as pop music/classical/country and so - they are the flavour of the month until the next popular tune/words arrives on the scene. One song written in 1918/19 by Edward H. Joy (words) and Arthur S. Arnott (chorus) is my all time favourite and 'yes' other tunes and w…

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