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Barking and beyond

It has been a buzy but enjoyable few days.  Yesterday I was the guest speaker at St. Patricks 30th anniversary for their Ladies Fellowship.  I enjoy visiting the different ladies groups and getting to know them all - most now I speak at annually.

Vera lighting the 30th anniversary cake


some of…

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Day 30 - Grays Home League & House Group


Travelling to Grays to lead the Home League was rather scary as the heavens just opened and my poor little windscreen wipers were going flat out to cope with the downpour; the lorries zooming past didn't help either kicking up a spray and alot of the time I couldn't see what was in front me.…

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Day 29 - Basildon Home League

Once a year, for the last 7 years, I have the pleasure of leading the Home League (ladies meeting) at Basildon Salvation Army and today (Monday) was no exception.  Elsie, the Home League Secretary, knew my Granma Partridge from years and years ago so there is an interesting link there between Elsie …

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Day 28 - Ilford Salvation Army

This morning I led the meeting at Ilford.  Ilford is were I grew up as a teenager, where I met my husband and where we later married so it's always good to return - re-live old memories, catch up with friends but encouraging to see so many new people attending the Corps too.

A photo I took whilst…

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Day 21 - Harvest at Grays

I led the meetings today, 21st September 2008, at The Grays Salvation Army Corps.  The officers there, Majors Howard & Dawn Evans, are old and good friends of ours and so it was a delight to lead and share worship with them and their congregation today. 

The SA's theme for Harvest 2008 is GLOCAL …

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