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Thursday Challenge - Favourite

Our Thursday Challenge is to show and tell something 'Favourite'. 

I have a favourite photo.  This was taken by me in August 1991 - at the time Nigel & I were working for The Salvation Army in Bangladesh and for our holiday we travelled to Coonoor, India where The Salvation Army has a retreat hous…

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Thursday Challenge - Tiny

For this week's challenge we have been set the task of exhibiting something small, tiny!! so here is my miniature teapot set, which my husband bought me a few years ago. It is roughly 1 and half inches wide and the teapot stands at half an inch in height.

 for other small, tiny objects click on …

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Thursday Challenge - Large

Today's challenge on Thursday Challenge is to depict something which is large.  Nigel & I went to Norway for a few days for our holiday and stayed in a place called Sandjeford, which was once the home to a major whaling industry. We visited the Whaling Musuem and this picture is of a life-size model…

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