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I've returned back to blogger and will continue my blogs on that site - will keep this site open until the new year.

Thank you


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Oh where, oh where, oh where

Feeling rather peeved off - now my voice has disappeared and there is so much to do and people to visit.....bother, bother, bother grrrr

Went to Home League this afternoon and, although I prepared the programme - Joyce very kindly read the readings and lead the afternoon.  Thank you Joyce.

So back …

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A new owner in the making!!

For Christmas I asked 'Santa' or 'Nigel' for a goldfish tank and fish.  It's not a sudden whim but I have been thinking about it for a few months  but whilst I was still in the thinking stage John and Marta bought theirs!! and that has spurred me on. So last evening, after finishing the weekly shop,…

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more photos

more photos of Nigel's and Karl's trip to devon on


A thought!!!

Whilst browsing a blogger friend's sites - Simply4God - I came across this poem and thought it intriguing...

Our Deepest Fear
by Marianne Williamson

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light, not our darkness that most f…

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Christmas has arrived

The 16ft Christmas Tree arrived yesterday at The Salvation Army and the 'Christmas Decor' team are down there this morning in full swing.  Nigel has made his way down to show an interest and to be in time for the fish n'chip lunch the highlight of the day :)

From now until Christmas day it's go, …

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My two boys in Devon

 These photographs were taken in our favourite location - Watersmeet, which is just outside of Lynton and Lymouth.

Nigel & Karl have for the last couple of years disappeared for a few days walking trip.  This year they went down to Devon and visited Watersmeet, Lynton & Lymouth but the hightlight …

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hitting the sack

I've not been feeling a 100% over the last few weeks with a cold, cough and just general  tiredness but like everyone else (so many people down with the same symptoms) I've just kept going and have covered all the engagements that have been in my diary. Yesterday, thought, left me feeling the weake…

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Getting Started

I read this as part of my devotions this morning (Daily Bread and found it most helpful and challenging so would very much like to share it with you.

Bible Reading: Acts 13:1-12

A missionary life - where to begin?

A missionary community (vs1-5). These verses show that this '…

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bonding time!!!!!

As I have mentioned in previous blogs I am not 'girly' so don't ever ask me to accompany you to a make up, jewellery or fashion party or event!!  My mother always says she felt as though she had three boys in the house and in return I've always said that I thank the Lord that he gave me a son cos I …

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A tractor here and a tractor there!!

I am part of the ECCIC team - Essex Churches Council for Industry and Commerce - and we meet up once a month for a team meeting or, like today, to visit another Chaplain's area.  Today we visited Holland Park Tractors in Basildon where Revd Ian Swift visits once a week as Chaplain…

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being positive

Doris, aged 93, and May, aged 90, are having to leave their residential home where they have lived for the past 15 years.  Cloud house is a 12 bedroom home without en-suite facilities and under the current law all residents must have en-suite so Doris and May find themselves in the process of moving…

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testing one two three

Karl carrying out a soundcheck using his father!!!  ready for when he films the AIDS awareness conference to be held at Barking Salvation Army on the 6th December.


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Karl's sense of humour!!!

Karl's sense of humour is peculiar!! don't know where he gets it from!!!!  This video shows him eventually emerging from the ruins of Hadleigh patient :) 


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Fun Monday

Having just read a friends Fun Monday I realized that like Ali I, too, have not participated for sometime but this weeks idea from M sounds most intriguing - she says

Do you have a piece of jewelry or other item that holds great personal significance for you, and that you wear or keep with you every…

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I'm excited AGAIN

Well yes!! I am excited AGAIN.


For a long time now I have wanted, as part of my role as community Chaplain, to do a ‘walk about’ on the estate but felt rather inhibited walking around aimlessly on my own.


Enter Rob – Street Warden (I asked him to look important for the photo)


I met…

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Happy Birthday Elsie

Elsie is one of those quiet unassuming people who you wouldn't notice or look at twice.  Elsie doesn't make an entrance but arrives in a room quietly and gracefully, she doesn't have a hearty raucous laugh (unlike me) but a gentle quiet chuckle, you wouldn't hear her speak, sing, laugh above anyone …

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Not too sure

Not too sure what startled me on the London Eye?  could have been the lovey-dovey couple who only had eyes for each and never once (not that I saw) seem to look out of the capsule at the scenery..  I must be getting old!!!

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Day out - London Eye and beyond

What a day! Nigel and I decided that it was about time we put our Tesco coupons to good use and get our ‘annual pass’ for the some of the London attractions.  So off we trundled to the London Eye to get our pass only to be told that the machine wasn’t working!! however, the very kind lady gave …

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Christmas Countdown

Ali was concerned that I had blogged Christmas twice already SO just for you Ali I have put a Christmas count down on the side of my page.  Judyx

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