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BA (HONS) in Pastoral Care with Psychology

I left Gearies Girls Secondary School in the 70's with 5 CSE's  I remember that 3 of them were in English, Maths and Needlework but can't remember what the other two were!! anyway it's a qualification that no longer exists!!  I do know that I left being able to bake an apple crumb and, cooking wise,  I haven't progressed much since then :) Then I went Redbridge Technical College and took a secretarial course and left with my Pitman’s shorthand and typing skills - typing skills I still use today Pitman   hhhmmmmm


I married in 1981 and in 1983 Nigel & I entered The Salvation Army's training college at Denmark Hill, London.  At the college I learnt to speak at Hyde Park Corner whilst being heckled, pub-booming (selling the War Cry) tell my testimony in Piccadilly circus, Portabella Road Market, Brixton High Road, Leicester Square and Soho to name a few places as well conduct door-to-door evangelism around Camberwell.  I did learn more about the Bible, Pastoral ministry but, in my time which is not the case today, I didn’t leave with a recognized qualification after my two year stay (full-time) at the college. 


Nigel & I decided last year that we would like to take some further studies but something which reflects the ministry we are engaged in plus give us a recognized qualification.  So we both applied to The Salvation Army to take the BA (HONS) in Pastoral Care & Psychology.  I was accepted on the grounds of my 23 years experience of ministry rather than my 5 CSE’s.  We commenced our studies in January of this year and two assignments under my belt - I am now trying to complete the next five before October.


This page will highlight the ups and downs of educational journey and the subjects that I am taking. The biggest challenge to date has been to spell PSYCHOLOGY!!

progress so far

I have completed my 1st two assignments earlier in the year.  I was pleased with my results.  I now have another 5 assignments to clomplete before October.  I had put this week aside - 26-30 August to enable me to get a few of them under my belt; however, I have a tooth infection and am on antibotics for the next week!!!! what fun..would you believe it!!!