Getting Started

I read this as part of my devotions this morning (Daily Bread and found it most helpful and challenging so would very much like to share it with you.

Bible Reading: Acts 13:1-12

A missionary life - where to begin?

A missionary community (vs1-5). These verses show that this 'missionary journey' was the work of an entire community, not just one man.  We're shown a diverse group of believers worshipping the Lord and fasting, responding to his direction, and sending out a team.  It's a contrast to the many times I've tried to work out my calling alone.  How different would it be if I got together with some Christian friends, and we sought the Lord and listened to him together?  What if we tried to reach our workplaces, schools, communities...together?

One person at at time (vs 6-7). Paul and the team preached from town to town, but the story rapidly zones in on one person who is open to the message - Sergius Paulus.  We can get overwhelmed by the size of our 'mission field', but perhaps as in Paul's case there is one person God wants to hightlight, one colleague, school friend, family member.

A battleground (vs8-12). If Sergius Paulus responded to the gospel, he'd no longer need his sorcerer.  But Elymas wasn't going to give up that easily.  Not everyone wants their world changed.  Perhaps some of us recoil from mission because we know it gets tough.  Mission is not for the faint-hearted.

Respond - Who are your 'God community'?  Arrange a time to share and pray with them about your mission field.

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