A tractor here and a tractor there!!

I am part of the ECCIC team - Essex Churches Council for Industry and Commerce  www.eccic.org.uk - and we meet up once a month for a team meeting or, like today, to visit another Chaplain's area.  Today we visited Holland Park Tractors in Basildon where Revd Ian Swift visits once a week as Chaplain. The Plant also made a tractor for the Pope http://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/1842408.pope_puts_faith_in_basildon_tractor/

WOW I've never seen so many tractors and Oh boy are they BIG, HUGE but unfortuantely they don't make them in pink!! :)  We had an excellent tour, which even I found interesting - finishing up with lunch in the resturant.

Unfortuantely we were not allowed to take photos on site so these are pictures of the net...

 Wendy, Head of HR, came to speak to us as to how she felt the Tractor Plant benefitted from Ian's presence.  Wendy started by saying that she had no religious beliefs nor was affiliated to any faith group BUT she was aware that faith played an important role in some people's lives.  Wendy went on to say that when Ian first approached her to ask if he could visit the plant she was apprenhensive but is now delighted to have Ian on board as she has seen and witnessed first hand how the workforce relate to Ian's ministry.  Well done Ian.

A good day out and also wonderful to be able to encourage another Chaplain in his ministry.


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