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A tractor here and a tractor there!!

I am part of the ECCIC team - Essex Churches Council for Industry and Commerce - and we meet up once a month for a team meeting or, like today, to visit another Chaplain's area.  Today we visited Holland Park Tractors in Basildon where Revd Ian Swift visits once a week as Chaplain…

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being positive

Doris, aged 93, and May, aged 90, are having to leave their residential home where they have lived for the past 15 years.  Cloud house is a 12 bedroom home without en-suite facilities and under the current law all residents must have en-suite so Doris and May find themselves in the process of moving…

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I'm excited AGAIN

Well yes!! I am excited AGAIN.


For a long time now I have wanted, as part of my role as community Chaplain, to do a ‘walk about’ on the estate but felt rather inhibited walking around aimlessly on my own.


Enter Rob – Street Warden (I asked him to look important for the photo)


I met…

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I'm so excited

12.30pm I'm so excited I've just got to blog and get it off my chest cos there is no-one else, at the moment, to tell it too!!

Went to school this morning and performed my 'chaplaincy' bit and whilst wandering around some of the classrooms talking to the teachers I was taken aback (shouldn't be real…

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All in a days work...

What is it about tables and table clothes drapping over them that gets children so excited?  I can remember as child spending hours under the dinning room table, pretending it was my house then a castle and allowing my imagination to run wild.  Later when I had Karl I can remember on many occasions …

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