hitting the sack

I've not been feeling a 100% over the last few weeks with a cold, cough and just general  tiredness but like everyone else (so many people down with the same symptoms) I've just kept going and have covered all the engagements that have been in my diary. Yesterday, thought, left me feeling the weakest and just plain exhausted - I had two services to lead the first at 9.30 and the second at 11.00 by the time I arrived home I had no voice, a headache and was just plain cold.

Today, however, Nigel & Karl are away on a walking trip in Devon and I have the house to myself plus I have no outside engagements for today SO I'm going to go back to bed for a couple more hours and, hopefully, will wake up feeling a bit more alive.

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What about you Judy? You doing OK?


I hope you are feeling better Judy. I hope you ate chocolate and watched daytime TV all day in your PJs. I hope I can do that soon too!! (without the rotten cold bit though)


Hope you're feeling better by the end of the day with a little cocooning, Judy. It's miserable when you have a cold but still need to keeping going. Read that some parts of England got some unexpected snow yesterday--were you that lucky?

If that picture is your dog, how lucky you are--what a character!